Priority Vents

Embers travel! Protect your home with Priority Vents.

During a wildfire most homes are destroyed by windblown embers entering the home, igniting fires and causing destruction from within. Ordinary vents are designed for ventilation through a simple mesh screen. This allows flames, sparks, and burning embers to easily pass through and enter the home, igniting dry material inside.

Flying embers can destroy homes up to a mile from a wildfire.

Newly designed vents provide excellent ventilation while trapping flames and embers BEFORE they enter the home. Old vents replaced with new building code compliant ember-resistant designs will keep embers OUT and HARDEN the home.

Watch this video demonstrating windblown embers entering a home during a wildfire.

Read: Home survival in Wildfire-Prone Areas: Building Materials and Design Consideration

For information about Vents that are County of San Diego code compliant visit: ‘Fire and Ice’ line of ember-resistant vents, must specify 1/8” mesh when ordering.

*Source:  Priority Vents